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Busy Bears - Your Pre-Grade R aged 4 - 5 

Pre-Grade R’s are preparing for the adventure of a lifetime in school. Our Grade R Readiness program is designed to get them ready by teaching letters and words, Maths concepts, and valuable social skills.

Small-group instruction, independent play in an organized atmosphere and whole-group activities help children gain the right skills to hop, skip, and jump into Grade R.



What Your Child Will Learn

Your pre Grade R child will learn age-appropriate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual skills.


Sample Curriculum


  • Cooperating, negotiating, and problem-solving with peers
  • Recognizing emotions in others


  • Making personal choices
  • Sharing ideas, thoughts, and feelings with the group


  • Gaining large muscle development through obstacle courses, riding bikes, and throwing balls
  • Dressing independently by using zippers and buttons
  • Gaining spatial awareness by moving to music


  • Asking and answering open-ended questions
  • Understanding a sequence of events
  • Grasping spatial relationships and the concept of time